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How to Avoid Emergency Water Restoration

Water related damages from major storms or weather events costs Floridians every year. While some events cause unpredictable damage, most damages can be lessened or even prevented completely by taking a few extra steps in your home maintenance plans. By doing this, you can avoid damage, possible harm to your family, and even having to call an emergency water restoration team. Here are some of the main things you should you be doing:

 Trim Your Trees

Falling trees and limbs can cause serious water damage during a storm. All it takes is one branch to harm your gutter system and you could have a leaking roof. Be sure to regularly have your trees trimmed and watch for any rotted looking branches. Avoiding having to call emergency water restoration contractors can be as simple as trimming back your trees.

  Check Outdated Home Items

Older appliances can sometimes spring leaks without anyone noticing until it is too late. Unseen water damage can usually turn into mold damage too. Additionally, any older homes with carpeting in areas that can get wet are another mold hangout. Tear out that carpet and replace with tile or flooring appropriate for the space. If you find damages, call an emergency water restoration team to help with the clean up or mold remediation.

  Watch Your Pool

If your pool is adjacent to your home, you may want to keep an eye on the water level if you’re experiencing heavy rains. Be sure to keep your pool at a safe water height to avoid overflow and flooding into your home. If you plan on being away for a long period of time, consider draining your pool a little lower than normal or have a reliable neighbor come check on the pool. This way, you can avoid having your home flooded by your pool and having to call an emergency water restoration team to get the water out.